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go, ye heroes, go and die

go, ye heroes, go and die
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We're All Gonna Die. Sufjan Stevens
we're all gonna die
we're all gonna die
we're all gonna die
It's the End of the World as We Know It. R.E.M.
offer me solutions, offer me alternatives
and i decline
Never Miss A Beat. Kaiser Chiefs
take a look at the kids on the street
no, they never miss a beat
I'm Gonna Win. Rob Cantor
i'll be bloody and bruised
i'll be breaking my bones
i'll be paying my dues
Let's Go. Stuck in the Sound
now you're crying
how sweet the sound
Seven Nation Army. The White Stripes
that ain't what you want to hear
but that's what i'll do
and the feeling coming from my bones says,
find a home
Invaders Must Die. Prodigy
invaders must die
Heaven Knows. The Pretty Reckless
tell 'em it's good
tell 'em okay
don't do a goddamn thing they say
Destruction. Joywave
oh my god, there's nobody who can set me right
i've been sent to torch the palace in broad daylight
Destroya. My Chemical Romance
you don't believe in god
i don't believe in luck
they don't believe in us
but i believe we're the enemy
Born to Lose. Sleigh Bells
heard you say suicide in your sleep
just get on with it, you were born to lose
Go Get Your Gun. The Dear Hunter
we haven't won and if we win
and if the morning light sets in
we've cheated fate again
Avocado, Baby. Los Campesinos!

i had a friend who made a flag day
blood on their hands from shards of their heartbreak
i have known friends to crack from love's weight
blossom in ribcage until their backs break
Saltkin. Purity Ring

the crawling animals will seek all things warm, all things moist
i will relentlessly shame myself in rest in wake in front of
my truly born beloved
for here i lie in wait, hush little heart
Kill V Maim. Grimes

i did something bad, maybe i was wrong
sometimes people say that i'm a big time bomb
We Can Make The World Stop. The Glitch Mob

stand still, pause clocks
we can make the world stop
What Death Leaves Behind. Los Campesinos!

i was the first match struck at the first cremation
you are my shallow grave, i'll tend you as a sexton
Metal Heart. Garbage

i want to be dependable, i want to be courageous and good
i want to be faithful so that i can be heroic and true
Rule Number One. Sleigh Bells

mostly okay, but only on tuesdays
the other six days i'm pacing the ring
ripping down stars while i deal with this thing
Young Legends. Sleigh Bells

take your time, you always act like
world war iv is knocking at your door
will you be around now
young legends die all the time
Hope On Fire. Vienna Teng

gotta move, gotta choose, you've got a difference to make
don't watch it happen again
The Tender Surrender. Eat Babies

i've got a real problem trusting you
because i know when you aim, i know just where you're going to shoot
hold me, love me
Who We Are. Imagine Dragons
doesn't matter if we've gone too far
doesn't matter if it's all okay
doesn't matter if it's not our day
One Foot in Front of the Other. Emilie Autumn
if i've no one to fight, how do i know who i am?
one foot in front of the other foot